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  Welcome to a special fitness and wellness studio unlike an you have ever experienced. 

My name is Anna McConnell St Pierre and I started Sage fitness nine years ago to help people become healthier.

Sage Fitness is dedicated in offering a unique approach in helping clients become not only more fit but to help them learn how to slow the aging process down.

What ever your goals are: weight lose, increase your strength, have more energy and feel better these possibilities can become a reality.


At Sage I work with the clients past and present lifestyles and medical background to create a holistic program that helps each person reach their goals. Studies show us that a person chances of successfully reaching their goals are much greater with weight lose coaching, which provides information on how to lose fat and  weight but not muscle or water. My coaching also helps create a level of  adherence  and motivation which means your level of success is so great. Weight lost done the correct way is a very exciting yet difficult journey for some. My focus is to take out the difficult part for you.

Some Facts I Would Like You To Know:


   Water is essential for good health and weight loss. Over 70 percent of your brain is composed of water.  With dehydration our muscles lose weight and our metabolism slows down thus fat is gained.

  In most diet's muscle and water lose are the numbers that may reflect weight loss on your scale.  Your hydration's levels are monitored weekly in my program.


   Fat percentages change after the age of 35, you body fat will rise 1% per year. Learn how to burn fat as your primary source of fuel.


   Muscle Loss occurs after the age of 40, which means you can lose 5 lbs of muscle in a decade. By 50 you’ve lost on the average, 15% of lean body mass. Think of aging as beginning in your muscles. Learn how to strengthen your muscles without injury.


   Hormones  change with age. Men and women make less testosterone, leading to more fat deposits at the hips, breasts, and buttocks. The libido  slows down and our hormones can become unbalanced affecting our moods, sleep, and brain factors.


The Gut Factor  can accelerate your aging and health factors. Over 70 percent of your immune system lies in the health of your gut. Excess inflammation occurs with food intolerance and bad eating habits.  


  The Good News  is that our symptoms are controllable. We so not have to be victims of our age.   The objective is to help you become healthier, more energetic, and to look and feel younger.   


Information on Anna  McConnell/St Pierre, CEO of Sage Fitness and Master Trainer:

Experienced in the fitness and weight loss industry for over 32 years.  
Certifications include: CPT, Personal Trainer with NSCA,  Lifestyle Coaching, Stotts Pilates  Mat and Reformer, Scientific Core Conditioning Chek Institute, and TRX Instructor.


   For over 32 years I have worked and helped hundreds of people change their lives by improving their health.  I deliver a practical plan which not only increases health spans but life spans as well.  You will learn and understand how muscle, energy and fat are important factors to obtain weight lose and how to keep it off unwanted fat and weight off forever. No more yo yo diets or crazy fads.  You will experience more energy. Imagine  feeling, seeing a toned and fit body as well as looking  younger and more vibrant, that could be you!

    At Sage Fitness programs are designed to inspire, motivate and create profound results with intelligent functional exercise.  Strengthen your core with a customized fitness program that will be designed for your body where you will work from the core and build out from there.

   Balanced training dramatically enhances each and every aspect of fitness, yet it tends to be a forgotten area of focus. I design multi -planar balance exercises to prevent injury, and for performance rehabilitation.  Balance is implemented and trained in motion not stillness.   

    If you are rehabilitating after an injury and are post physical therapy or you have hit a plateau and need a new training program I will  design your personalized plan based on your level of conditioning health issues and goals.

 Scheduled appointments are private. Your privacy and personal attention is important and respected, 

As Your Personal Trainer/Coach, I will help you: 

  •  Assess your physical condition,


  •  Chart weight changes and set goals, oversee food journaling  and advise changes for macro-nutrients.  Develop a weight loss program that turns on your fat burning mechanisms so fat is burned as your primary source of fuel. Create and implement healthy eating habit lifestyle changes.

  •  Perform proper strength training techniques without injury. Increase your levels of stamina and energy.

  • Provide proper stretching exercises and techniques that are important for healthy joints and muscles. 

  • Instruct you on the proper fat lose program to help you burn fat as your primary source of fuel.

  • Help coach, teach and inspire healthy eating habits.  

Finally, I want to help you feel better and  learn  how to empower your life. When you reach your goals you will improve your health, mental focus and increase your lifespan. I want to be the one to help you make that change. 

Always working for your best interests, 


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