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  Welcome to Sage Fitness of New Paltz, to a place where client and coach Anna, team together to find an approach that promotes positive, successful  and permanent health and fitness goals for you.




My name is Anna McConnell /St Pierre. I started Sage Fitness of New Paltz 12 years ago to help people reach their goals by learning how to work through their unsuccessful problems of weight loss and to become healthier. 

Sage Fitness is dedicated to offering a unique, understanding approach to help, guide, monitor and inspire you to reset goals and heal in body and mind. Let me teach you how to slow your aging process down, and change habits and behaviors that keep you from reaching your objectives.





 Having the ability to make healthy life choices... achieving  succes in maintaining your goals...weight loss, having a healthier lifestyle, permanetly!


 Imagine having the strength, energy, and balance that you need to have for all the wonderful adventures that lie in front of you. 


Imagine being able to fit into those clothes that have been in your closet, unworn for too long of a time. 

Imagine being able to trave being fit to hike and bike and having energy.



These possibilities can come a reality.  There is hope...

  •  Studies show that diets don't work.. We lose weight only to regain it back, and maybe more.

  • Think of coach Anna as your an active partner to help motivate, educate, inspire and partner with you towards reaching your weight loss, fitness and lifestyle style changes.


  • Your chances of successfully reaching your target will increase with a team effort that will maintain postive feedback, and encouragement  plus the support y fyou need to succeed, Losing weight is not easy...


  • Our work together will make changes for you that will be long lasting.  


  • Creating a level of adherence and motivation means  your success. Weight loss done correctly is a very exciting yet difficult journey for some.


  • My focus is to take out the difficult part for you and help motivate and work towards a plan that is successful for you.


  • Anna McConnell/St Pierre, CEO of Sage Fitness and Master Trainer:

  •  Experienced in the fitness and weight loss industry for over 37 years.  

  • Certifications include:

  • CPT, Personal Trainer with NSCA,  

  • Certified Health and Weight loss Coach,

  • Certified Stotts Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor,  

  • Certified Scientific Core Conditioning Instructor, Chek Institute.




Over 37 years I have worked and helped hundreds of people change their lives by improving their health. Every client is unique and special.Your success is my focus. I personally design every program based on a client's physical evaluation and goals. I deliver a scientific based plan which not only increases health spans but life spans as well.  


Our work together motivates me to help you. I believe in "belief...  in one's vison to make goals happen." Profound results can be done by you with the proper training, communication and guidance.


 What Does Health Coach Do For Me?

Coaches educate and guide their clients through  lifestyle changes related to weight management and wellness. They help their clients to make weight-related behavioral changes through goal setting, motivation, programing, support,

appropriate progressions and referral when necessary.

In addition, they support their clients to help them enhance their well-being and to unlock each client's potential to maximize his or her own healthy lifestyle choices. 




As Your Personal Trainer/Coach, and based on your needs, I will help you: 

  •  Screen and Assessment: assess your health status, -physical health, psychological health exercise readiness, physical fitness, and readiness to change. From body composition to lower body muscular endurance these assessments will introduce you to appropriate lifestyle changes to elicit long-term success.

  • Program Design and Implementation: 

  • Creating goals, behavioral changes towards self belief in reaching goals, creating a framework for understanding how habits work and implementing guide  plan to change and reshape the keystone habits that prevent success in meeting your goals. 

  • Create a nutritional food program and exercise program to establish success and self reliance.

  • Initial phone conversation, customized food-nutritional and workout plan, crisis phone calls, 24 seven support,

  • new skills, habits andmindset, and daily feedback via mobile/web app, 



        For making the first step... deciding your ready or almost there

        I hope you make the next one, committment..

        that you are working your way to making the first step in changing the quality        lifestyle.

      Anna McConnell-St Pierre

      President and CEO 

      Sage Fitness of New Paltz