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Express Workout

Looking for a great way to get and stay in Shape?

This Express Workout is designed to achieve results. Working with your trainer once or twice a week to keep you fit, motivated and on track.

This program will be based on your physical assesment, conditioning and goals shaped for your success.

The workout is complete with fifteen minutes of cardio and backed by 30 minutes of strength and core training.

The focus is boosting enurance, building muscle, enhancing our strength and finding our balance.

$45 per session
$40 per session for a 10 pack-$400
Assessment is $75


Pilates Barre
10:00 AM Friday

Come find your balance and core strength at our weekly Pilates barre classes.


Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles, including the abdominals, lower back, and pelvic floor. This can lead to better posture and reduced risk of back pain.


Pilates exercises can be a suitable option for people recovering from injuries and those looking to prevent injuries by strengthening their core muscles and balance.


*In person class size is availble but limited, Zoom partication available

$25/per class
Pack of Four: $80

To Sign Up:

  • Please contact with your primary email, include phone number, introduce yourself and what your fitness goals are.

  • For Unlimited Monthly Classes, prices and payment are available on the Plans & Pricing page.

  • Download zoom on your Laptop or Device.

  • For Online Classes, set up your camera on your computer where I can see you head to toe.

  • To schedule your classes please text Anna at (845)476-9024

Sage Fitness of New Paltz 
51 North Oakwood Terr. 
New Paltz, NY 12561
(845) 4769024
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