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Person holding a yoga pose
I wholeheartedly recommend Anna for anyone looking to get to the next step on their health/fitness journey. I am 56 and have always been active and slim but as I have been aging, I was finding it much harder to stay in shape. I was also eating less and less in an effort to keep my weight down.
Anna taught me how to change my habits, increase my protein, and eat more! After 9 months of working with her, I have lost 7 lbs, gained 4 pounds of muscle and feel amazing. The best part of it is I am eating a lot! I don’t feel a sense of restriction or deprivation, quite the opposite.  
I feel free and indulgent and my body looks great.
I have tons of energy and go from early in the morning till evening.
I highly recommend Anna. She is clear, knowledgeable, present, committed and caring.
Jennifer levine
New Paltz, NY
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