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Sage Fitness Of New Paltz Specials!

Sage Fitness Of New Paltz

Health Coaching

Personal Training

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. Since our last contact, Sage Fitness has moved to a beautiful studio 2 miles away. Start now to optimize your health. Reach your goals of weight loss, nutrition, strengthening & toning and feeling better starting today.

Currently all sessions are on line. 1:1 Personal training, small group training sessions, and our new addition, Health Coaching.

My focus is to get you back on track. I am offering you a wide range of services to help motivate, educate and help you reach your goals.

As previous clients your original files are available for your perusal . Check out your stats then to now!

Take advantage of a 20% discount on any of the programs.

For more detailed information check out my website, or call for a free consultation (845 476 9024). Looking forward to reconnecting with you.

Anna St Pierre

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